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About Us.

There is so much for you to know about us. At Rusk n Musk, we believe in making our customers happy! We offer the best homemade food products and amazing food innovations in Rohtak.

We provide you everything made at home with love from Mrs. Rashmi Ahuja. When it comes to product quality we make no compromises! Rusk n Musk provides you the exquisite combinations in a variety of chocolates as we add an array of interesting additives in our handmade chocolates to delight our public. We also offer lip-smacking food – Starters, Main Course absolutely divine and tempting, exciting variety in Kebabs, Soups, and Sandwiches, etc. with a wide variety of snacks from cakes, tarts, brownies to pastries, wafers, and cookies for adding a special touch to any parties, get-togethers, celebration or events.

You’ll be so excited to hear that we also have our own cooking classes for our public, who wants to add professional flavours and techniques to their homemade food and for the people who are interested in creating their own business as well!

Our Story

Rusk n Musk is a long journey made by a trio of a mother and her daughters. There’s an exciting story behind the brand – Mrs. Rashmi Ahuja who has immensely filled inborn talent for cooking got married at the age of 19, did not leave her aspirations and dreams but sadly couldn’t excel due to the situations. And then after having two amazing daughters, she got to show her talent and soon she started her own cooking classes at home. We remember we just gave a list of dishes on paper and asked a friend to put that on her boutique wall, this is how it all get started!

The story of Rusk n Musk began in 2008. Life took so many turns and we are here together with all the food products you might crave for making them real through surprising homemade food innovations.

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